Spry+ All-in-One waterproof drone

Compact & Portable

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Completely waterproof, even the remote controller

The aircraft and remote controller of Spry+ are totally waterproof and corrosion-resistant, so that you can bring the drone with you when surfing or in any weathers. Even when you throw the drone and the controller into the water, they can safely float. Landing and taking off from the water with 100% peace of mind, dunking under the water for a quick adventure, Spry+ opens your sight to the limit.

Real 4k camera - Truly ultra clear

Compared to SplashDrone3+ is Spry+ smaller and slighter, but it doesn’t mean any compromise on image quality. The integrated 4k camera of Spry+ features a Sony 1/2.3’’ CMOS sensor and provides a maximized resolution of 12 megapixels.

The dome camera paired with a special lens that minimizes the fisheye distortion for natural images. With Spry+ you can capture any action in 4k video at 30 frames per second and take crisp 12MP photos. Best filming tool for high speed water sports.


4K 30FPS


12 MP






Take crisp 12MP photo


No anti-shake photos

Anti-shake photo

6 normal flight modes - Fly as you wish

Spry+ is very easy to use and provides you with 6 kinds of flight modes, GPS mode, circle mode, ATTI mode, follow me, auto-return and circle & follow mode. Switch flexible and fly with no limits. Also, ACRO mode is recommended for well skilled pilots to do extreme acrobatics with proper firmware configuration and special designed ACRO remote controller.


TrollSafe for fishing - Make fishing easier and funnier

Add the new launched TrollSafe for Spry+ to experience interesting fishing. Quick and easy to install, TrollSafe for Spry+ makes your fishing more fun and effective wherever you choose to fish - offshore, rivers or lakes. Lure and troll fishing, hover fishing and long range casting, everything you want!

Compact & portable

The Spry+ is designed with aerodynamic principles and makes itself compact and also provides good stability, control and handling qualities.


High speed

High thrust motor and high power ESC (Electronic Speed Control) enable a max speed up to 65km/h in manual flight mode. Fast & safely.


Different usages

With the integrated GPS module, the drone can follow the remote controller automatic, film high speed watersports like skiing, kayaking and surfing.


Autonomous Follow-Me

Both the aircraft and remote controller are built with GPS module, so that the drone could follow the remote controller at a set distance and height.


Smart Orbit

The Spry+ can follow a smart orbit and capture a 360-degree view of the action smoothly, easily track a moving subject.


Return to Me

Most drones can return to their take-off-place when losing signal, but the Spry+ can even return to your remote controller directly via the GPS module.

Intuitive App - Control your drone even smarter

The remote controller of Spry+ has a built-in WiFi module that can be used with your mobile devices via “SwellPro Spry” App. The multifunctional App offers you smarter flight features like One Key Launch, Mission Planning, Tap-to-Fly etc.