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PowerSeeker intelligent fish finder not only has a powerful sonar detection capability, but also fits PowerVision’s PowerEye, PowerRay and PowerDolphin. It can accurately detect fish distribution up to 80m underwater, as well as water temperature, water depth, underwater topography and other information. It can transmit this information in real-time to the Vision+ App providing fishing enthusiasts a more efficient and intelligent experience.

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Battery Life


Detect Angle


Detect Depth


Max. Communication Distance

The PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder turns on automatically when it touches the water surface. It then integrates with the water temperature detection system, sonar system, intelligent fishing lights and provides a fixed position for fishing lines.


Intelligent Automatic On/Off

The PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder has automatic On/Off technology. When the three probes are immersed in water, the device will automatically start. When it has left the water for 1 minute, the device will automatically shut down.


The Optical Lure and Sonar give you a fun fishing experience

The PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder has a powerful sonar function. You can use the Intelligent Fish Finder underwater from 0.6m to 80m. The bottom of the PowerSeeker is equipped with 6 blue fish luring lights.


Small and portable

PowerSeeker sonar fish finder has a very compact size, 65mm in diameter, and only weighs 110g. The PowerSeeker can easily fit into your pocket.


Minimal operating experience

When you’re fishing just hook the PowerSeeker to your fishing line and set into the water. PowerSeeker will work in many water environments, such as riverbanks, open ocean, lakes, shorelines, and rivers. It can provide a stable and ultimate intelligent fishing experience.

Amazing versatility

PowerSeeker can be used as a stand-alone device or together with other PowerVision products, like the PowerRay and PowerDolphin.